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Review | Captain America: Civil War

Following on from last summer's double whammy of 'Age of Ultron' and 'Ant-Man', Marvel now finds itself firmly rooted in Phase 3, a darker, more humane place than of the more traditional superhero offerings in the past. Based on the mini series of the same name, 'Civil War' is a broody, mature film that triggers the downfall of the Avengers we know and love; ultimately leaving them in a place in which they will never be the same again.

  First and foremost, this is billed as a 'Captain America' film, though the marketing would have you think it's more 'Avengers 2.5 ft. Black Panther ft. Spiderman', but I do think the film aligns itself with Cap's point of view, his emotions and his motivations. The plot has the Avengers confronted with the idea of legal registration on all superhero activity following an accident in Nigeria, caused unintentionally by Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen). This causes a split in the group, with Tony Stark (R…