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Mockingjay: Part Two Review

Seven years after the original publication of 'The Hunger Games', the franchise reaches a bombastic and satisfying, if sometimes a little shaky, conclusion in the form of 'Mockingjay: Part 2'. Themes of political corruption and moral ambiguity are fully fleshed out by director Francis Lawrence and linger long in the mind long after the final credits roll, though it encounters the all too familiar problems of its source material.

With no flashback or referral back to the previous film, 'Mockingjay' opens with a shot of Katniss (the formidable Jennifer Lawrence) recovering in a hospital wing after being attacked by a hypnotised Peeta (a surprising performance from Josh Hutcherson). The rest of the 137 minute film then follows Katniss and her comrades as she sets out to destroy the Capitol and assassinate President Snow once and for all, whilst having to deal with pressurizing sides such as the suspicious President Coin (Julianne Moore in her finest role this year…

Spectre Review

As someone who doesn't really care that much for Bond films, I have to say 'Spectre' caught my intrigue very early on through various trailers, posters and the undoubtedly high expectation it had on its shoulders thanks to the success of 2012's 'Skyfall'. Unfortunately, this level of expectation seems to be the films saboteur, trying to recapture the same brooding, dark emotional intensity of 'Skyfall', only to fall short thanks to a thinly stretched, formulaic plot, and a total lack of originality.

The film opens with a stunning chase sequence, shot in Mexico City amongst the backdrop of Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) with Bond acquiring a ring that sports a very familiar symbol. This kick-starts a chain of events that has Bond flying to obscure locations around the world for a brief amount of time before heading to the next country to seduce another woman, shoot another mute henchman and acquire one more piece of information that leads him to the org…