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Go Set A Watchman Review

It still remains unclear as to exactly why Harper Lee chose for her long awaited follow up to To Kill A Mockingbird to be published in 2015, though it was originally written in the mid-1950s, but regardless Go Set A Watchman has been one of the most eagerly anticipated books of the year, topping the pre-order charts on Amazon and having unique midnight launches at Waterstones. This excitement stems from, undoubtedly, the legions of die-hard fans of Lee’s first novel, which therein lies the problem. Those expecting a similar novel with charming first-person narrative and vivid imagery of the racial tensions of the south may find themselves disappointed, as Go Set A Watchman feels like a pale imitation of Lee’s former book, though it was intended to be the first. 
Set in the familiar Maycomb county, gone is Scout’s personal narration of the unfolding events around her; instead she is replaced by a distanced narrative that is often loose and disjointed, oscillating at times between the pe…