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A Spot of Tea with Lucy Rose

After what felt like hours of being lost within the heart of Birmingham's city centre, I found myself in the dishevelled backyard of the HMV institute attempting to locate the back door. Before you make any kind of presumptions about the nature of my wandering, it was all perfectly in check as I had the fortune of interviewing the sublime Lucy Rose before her show, only I had taken the wrong turn and ended up on a desolate roof top with nothing but pigeons for company.

Luckily, I managed to find my way and was lead upstairs to a small bar that overlooked the cityscape of Birmingham at sunset; there was Lucy, behind the bar with a small paper cup making a cup of tea as comfortably if she were in her own kitchen. For those of you who aren't familiar with Lucy, the Warwickshire singer-songwriter has featured heavily on Bombay Bicycle Club's last three records, released her debut album 'Like I Used To' in the Autumn of 2012, took a prime spot at Glastonbury last year an…