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Interview: Is Alexandra Vintage the way forward?

Deep in the heart of central Reading, there lies a building. To many, it means nothing and is just an empty studio but to a select few that building acts as the pride and joy of all things vintage. Fabulous, hand made garments await you at reasonably affordable prices. You ring the buzzer, the door is opened, up the stairs you go and another world completely immerses you. This is Alexandra Vintage. Dresses, coats, hats, accessories, jumpers are on offer to thoroughly browse through and with such a spacious studio, you are almost spoilt for choice. Of course they do provide a male section, I actually picked up a gorgeous silk shirt for the bargain price of £5! But deep at the heart of this well crafted studio lies Alexandra herself.

I walk into her studio and her eyes beam with happiness and she can't wait to show me her newest stock and talk me through what she has planned for the next few weeks. I feel that this crucial one-on-one service is something Alexandra offers every sing…