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"So basically, park up and ask no questions"- Working Reading Festival 2013

The endless summer period is often quite difficult for the common student. Most of us will have secured a house for our second prospectus year of university, which means paying summer rent. As I myself currently reside in Reading, rent does not come cheap. At nearly £400 a month excluding bills, finding work is so crucial in order to be able to pay the rent by the end of the month. The hours at Topshop were reasonable but no-where near enough to cover nearly 4 months of rent; at the rate I was going I'd have maxed out my overdraft come mid-July. I had a limited amount of options and, I'll be frank, I was scared. We all worry about money at the end of the day but I don't think anyone prepares themselves physically or mentally for actually being in the situation. But, by chance, I was granted a miracle. A friend had recently got herself temporary employment working festivals, more specifically Glastonbury. The hours were fantastic, the pay was more than reasonable and the ac…