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Lady GaGa - Applause (Review)

In a (not really shocking) turn of events, yesterday saw the rushed release of Lady GaGa's new single 'Applause' taken from the singer's upcoming third studio album 'ARTPOP'. Personally, I can't really say it was a surprise. Snippets and leaks had been making their way onto the internet from as early on as Saturday, so the eventual decision to push forward 'Applause' from its set date of August 19th was inevitable. Furthermore due to a series of cryptic tweets from Mother Monster (yep, I said it) herself, the internet was rife with a frenzy of blood sucking GaGa fans demanding new music. And so, after tedious amounts of teasing and toying, 'Applause' was released to general mainstream radio all over the world.

So, what's it like I hear you ask? Well, it's okay. We are given a lush production of sweeping synths and choppy beats over a slightly auto-tuned GaGa which evokes memories of 'The Fame' era. We have bleeps, claps, bass …

The ‘It’s beef, not chicken’ scandal and others

If I say the words family holiday what thoughts immediately strike you? Fear? Embarrassment? The worry that you’ll have slightly overdone it with the packing and as a result your suitcase is just swimming with socks? I myself have just returned from a family holiday away to Cyprus, an island so British and yet so distinctly foreign - “LOOK THEY HAVE A PUB CALLED THE ENGLISH ROSE!” – it seems like the most perfect destination for any family of jet-setters.  It attracts over 2 million tourists a year, a number which seems to be growing more dominantly, and offers everything (and anything) you can possibly think of. Fine dining, nights out, cheap tat buying, climbing, foot eating fish, cat watching, you name it. It’s an island of wonder and awe at most, an island who’s beauty is somewhat concealed by the artificial – and dare I say commercialised – value of businesses and exploitation of its loyal visitors. I mean, 4 euros for a soft drink??? I think Kim Jong-Un could launch his own bran…