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Florence & The Machine - Ceremonials

So, it took me many attempts on how to write this. I realised that I wasn't being myself and I was trying to be all big & fancy with words, so now I'm just saying it how it is. For me, Ceremonials has had such a huge impact on my life personally, to which comes the reason for me reviewing it as such.

Each song has it's own individual message and/or theme to every single person out there. Maybe one person recalls past trauma, or heartache, or...I don't know..something deeply personal anyway whilst another could recall a memory of joy, happiness and comfortness. Not every person is the same, so every song has a variety of meanings and interpretations. In my eyes, this is why Ceremonials has strength, Welch herself has stated that the album is far more personal than her 2008 debut 'Lungs'. For example; when I first listened to 'What The Water Gave Me' I wasn't impressed. But as time grew...I don't know...I began to feel the song. I felt the wave…

Cyprus 2012!

So, this is officially my first blog and this is my first post! How exciting! I did intend on starting up a week ago, but a day before going away maybe wasn't the best idea. Anyway, I thought it would be nice if I shared my experience in gorgeous Cyprus!

The flight was relatively early, at around 9.00 AM, meaning we (in this case we meaning both me and my twin sister, I'll be blogging about her) were up at 6.30AM to catch a lift to the airport. Now, I'm not sure about you, but I'm not the best person in the mornings but surprisingly I managed it okay! I went into that airport thinking, "It's your holiday, cut off from home and have the best time" which is why I literally never used my phone whilst there, as I have all the time in the world at home to social network and communicate. Moving swiftly on, we boarded the plane and began our journey. At 4 hours, the flight was bearable and I had my loyal kindle & iPod by my side to keep me company, I got plen…