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Paranormal Activity 4 Review!

Hello kids! I know it's been a while since my last post and for that I do apologize, it's been very busy with University and whatnot! But, lets get started on what I'm here to write; my review for Paranormal Activity 4.

I'm not going to dwell too much on the plot so don't worry about spoilers. All I'll say is that the film takes place 5 years after the events of Paranormal Activity 2 with Katie abducting Hunter and both their whereabouts remain unknown. We then shift to a new family, led by young teenage Alex (Kathryn Newton) her boyfriend Ben (Matt Shively) along her younger brother Wyatt with 2 parents on the verge of divorce. They live opposite a single mother (guess who?) who is taken into hospital and they take on the creepy kid known as Robbie. Then, of course, weird things start happening around the house.

You do have to admire Paramount for milking the franchise for all it's worth, and considering the last 3 films have earned over $500,000 worldwide, …


I actually feel quite bad about not posting anything in regards to fashion; so I thought I'd give it a shot today and tell the world what I decided to wear today!

Acid Wash Denim Gillet - £40 Topman
I started with the basic denim Gillet, with an overall acid wash. This undermined with the red check around the collar makes it eye popping and you'd easily stand out in the crowd. Kinda hopping on the Gillet bandwagon I know but it is a major focus in both Topman/Topshop trends and even the likes of The Vaccines are wearing them. A clear influence from the 80's, so this encourages outfit combinations of white t-shirts and checked shirts. Another point I have to mention is the comeback of denim, with the likes of jackets, Gillets and jeans making a welcome return to the fashion industry; Exciting stuff eh?

(not the actual shirt I wore but I couldn't find it online!)
                                                     Red/Blue Gingham Checked Shirt £30

Next, I went with a red ch…

The Vaccines - Come of Age (Review)

So, what were you expecting from The Vaccines? I'm only joking kids for those who caught on, if not, that was the name of the London based band's first debut album. But ironically, that's what everyone was asking when 'Come of Age' hit the shelves, what exactly are we expecting this time around?

Basically, don't have any expectations. They're back with new haircuts, new outfits and a new sense of musical style. I went into this album with HUGE expectations and after I listened to the record in it's entirety I have to admit I was quite disappointed. I was expecting another 'Wrecking Bar' or another 'Norgard' and it never happened. So, I went away and came back to 'Come of Age' for a second round; and I loved it. The band have clearly grown up over the last 2 years and this is influenced in the darker tones, the heavier riffs and a lot more swearing "You know I'm fucking moody" Justin growls over the omniscient tones o…

The Dark Knight Rises Review

"We were in this together, and then you were gone. Now this evil... rises. The Batman has to come back."
Personally, I think Christopher Nolan is a genius. To take a mere comic (designed for children and young adults) and to twist it into the light of the modern world and includes cleverly written responses to corrupt Governments & terrorism deserves a solid pat on the back from me. 
The Dark Knight Rises is the third and (hopefully) final installment of Nolan's Franchise and boy, what a way to go. Nolan understands what the audience liked from the first two films and has successfully incorporated these aspects into a story with thought & heart juxtaposed with heart stopping action and visual masterpieces. Plot wise; it's been 8 years since the events of the last film and supposedly all is well in Gotham City. Batman is no longer needed and Bruce Wayne has gone into hiding looking like a hermit you see lingering in the subways.  But, this is a Batman movie so o…

I'm sorry for being so neglectful.

I've been so busy lately, with everything regarding University and work; it's just all been rather hectic to say the least! But, I have 2 weeks before I depart to Reading so in the meantime, I shall be catching up on last time. This includes film reviews, music reviews and just general rants; it's good to be back!
Kieran x

Finally, a trailer for 'Paranormal Activity 4'!

Okay, so I'm a big lover of the 'Paranormal' films. The concept is genius and on such a small budget, shows that you don't need digital trickery to fool audiences into being scared. All Orin Peli needs is a video camera, and a whole lot of extras slamming doors & making things that go bang in the night.

So, we now have a trailer for the fourth and (I hope to God) final instalment, due out in October. Before I share my thoughts, see the trailer below:

I have to say; I'm very impressed. Paramount has done an excellent job of keeping the franchise fresh for a modern audience; the 'Skype' idea is pure genius and it's relevant to the kids of today! Okay, so the trailer offers nothing new, shady dialogue, recap of the first 3 films, shadowy figure with static, but I still end up terrified by the end of the 1:42 marker. It's clear that the directors have sat long and hard to think of new ways to continue the story without exhausting the same old ideas su…

Florence & The Machine - Ceremonials

So, it took me many attempts on how to write this. I realised that I wasn't being myself and I was trying to be all big & fancy with words, so now I'm just saying it how it is. For me, Ceremonials has had such a huge impact on my life personally, to which comes the reason for me reviewing it as such.

Each song has it's own individual message and/or theme to every single person out there. Maybe one person recalls past trauma, or heartache, or...I don't know..something deeply personal anyway whilst another could recall a memory of joy, happiness and comfortness. Not every person is the same, so every song has a variety of meanings and interpretations. In my eyes, this is why Ceremonials has strength, Welch herself has stated that the album is far more personal than her 2008 debut 'Lungs'. For example; when I first listened to 'What The Water Gave Me' I wasn't impressed. But as time grew...I don't know...I began to feel the song. I felt the wave…

Cyprus 2012!

So, this is officially my first blog and this is my first post! How exciting! I did intend on starting up a week ago, but a day before going away maybe wasn't the best idea. Anyway, I thought it would be nice if I shared my experience in gorgeous Cyprus!

The flight was relatively early, at around 9.00 AM, meaning we (in this case we meaning both me and my twin sister, I'll be blogging about her) were up at 6.30AM to catch a lift to the airport. Now, I'm not sure about you, but I'm not the best person in the mornings but surprisingly I managed it okay! I went into that airport thinking, "It's your holiday, cut off from home and have the best time" which is why I literally never used my phone whilst there, as I have all the time in the world at home to social network and communicate. Moving swiftly on, we boarded the plane and began our journey. At 4 hours, the flight was bearable and I had my loyal kindle & iPod by my side to keep me company, I got plen…